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If someone needs to move a mobile home, it requires help from the professionals. Hiring a mobile home transport service can help ensure that the process is done safely and correctly. Our team has prior experience moving mobile homes within the country and even around the world, no matter the home’s size.

We offer several solutions to make sure every client gets just what they need and that the highest quality services are provided. As a professional moving service, we understand this home is our client’s biggest asset, and we will treat it this way. If you want to learn more about our services, just contact us.

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Single or Double Wide Transport

Mobile homes are available in various configurations, just like single-family homes. A single-wide home is usually narrow and long. However, double-wide homes are typically much wider than the single-family counterparts; however, they are shorter. As an owner, you need to select the transport option based on the type of mobile home you have.

When you get in touch with a mobile home moving service, be sure to speak to someone who can help you find the right moving option. For single-wide homes, which are usually 15′ by 72′, heavy-duty, extended transport trainers are usually sufficient. However, with double-wide homes, which are 26′ by 56′, a different type of truck and trailer is needed. Also, the double-wide will be split into two sections to ensure safe transport.

Wheels or Trailer Transport

​​If you own a mobile home, there are two different options. Some prefer to have the home towed using wheels. Others will choose transport by a trailer. There are similarities between these two options.
Towing or wheels transport is one solution. When a mobile is being towed, the professionals will remove any of the ground attachments on the home and replace them with axles that have wheels. The truck that is driven by an experienced driver will then move the mobile home to its new location.

If the trailer transport option is chosen, the home will be lifted to install wheels and axles for transport purposes. After this is done, the mobile home will be moved to a trailer for the transport process. The trailer is selected to ensure it can carry the load. The people who are handling the move will ensure that it is fully protected during the process.

Logistic Services

When it comes to relocating a mobile home, it involves much more than just loading and then unloading the home. Remember this when trying to choose a provider and ask about the logistics that are offered. This makes sure no detail will be overlooked as the process moves along. The right moving service will plan out the route that is taken, gets the needed permits, secures the escort and pilot vehicles, and other factors.

When it comes to moving a mobile home, there are many factors to consider. Being informed and knowing what to expect will help ensure that the right moving service is hired for the job.