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When a mobile home needs to be moved, it is carefully removed from the current foundation and placed on specialized trucks to get it to the new location. Depending on the size of the mobile home, it may be able to be moved in one piece or may need to be separated into smaller sections. After arriving at the new location, it is necessary for the mobile home to be installed in place. As soon as the foundation is ready and the home is at the new location, the following steps can occur.

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Removal of All Packing Materials

The house needs to be packed carefully before it is moved to prevent damage to any of its components. Once it arrives at the new location, however, the packing materials can be removed. At this point, our movers will inspect the home and report any damage to the transport company so it can be handled right away.

Moisture Protection Installed

Before the home can be put in place, moisture protection needs to be installed over the ground where it will go. This is done using polyethylene sheeting or similar materials. Our movers follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well as local building codes when installing the moisture protection to ensure it will work properly and protect the home from any moisture.

Sections of Home Put in Place

The next step is to put the home in position. We do this using winches, rollers, hydraulic jacks, and other specialized equipment and move each section one at a time to its final position. A crane may be needed if there is a basement where the home will be placed. Each section is squared to the previous section, if there are two or more sections to places, to ensure they are in the correct position before the moving gear is removed.

Make Sure the Home is Level and Blocked

Even though the home is in place at this point, it’s not completely finished. It’s still necessary to level and block the home, ensuring everything is aligned properly. Once everything is in place, each of the sections can be fastened together, and then the home can be anchored to the foundation. The home can be entered at this point, as it is in the final position and just a few remaining installation steps are needed for the home to be ready to move into.

Final Steps and Connections

The last steps include setting up all utilities, installing HVAC ducting, and installing the downpipes and gutters outside the home. Connections will be put in when connecting plumbing, electrical, phone wires, and other components between the sections. Inside drywall is finished to hide the seams, and all systems are tested to ensure they work properly. Everything done during the final steps is done to local building codes, then the home is cleaned and all trash from the moving process is removed. If you’re planning on moving your home, these are the final steps done after the home is at the new location. By the time we are done with these steps, your home is move-in ready.