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Mobile Home Movers Atlanta Ga

Mobile homes can be moved to a new location as needed, but it’s not easy to do and requires specialized equipment. If you’re planning on purchasing a mobile home, before you make the purchase, it’s crucial to have a qualified mobile home mover ready to handle the job. We can make the move as easy as possible for you and make sure the home is moved to exactly where it needs to go. We handle various sizes and conditions, so we can handle moving your home.

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What to Expect​ When Moving a Mobile Home

Mobile home moving consists of the disconnection process, permitting, the actual transportation, and then the installation of the mobile home at the new site. There can be added steps, like demolition, if the home is replacing an older home at the new site. However, we can handle all of these with ease. Read below to learn more about all of the steps for moving a mobile home so you’ll know what to expect when we move your home.

Disconnecting the Home and Obtaining Proper Permits

Unless the home is brand new and has never been installed, it will need to be disconnected before it is moved. Once you have purchased the home, we can inspect it to make sure it is safe to move. Then, the proper permits are needed for the move, which we can obtain. After this, we start the disconnection process. This includes removing the stairs, taking down any decks or porch roofs, and removing the skirting from around the home. Then, it needs to be disconnected from the utilities. If it is a double-wide or single-wide mobile home, it will need to be separated into two to three parts before we can move it.

Transportation of the Home to the New Site

We have flatbeds designed for transporting mobile homes to the new location. Once everything is disconnected, we will use heavy equipment like cranes to lift the mobile home or each piece onto a flatbed truck. Then, the mobile home is secured to the flatbed so it will stay in place during the move. The price of moving a manufactured home will vary depending on how far it needs to be transported. We use pilot cars and proper transport methods to get the mobile home to the new location.

Mobile Home Installation and Setup

The site where the home will be placed needs to be prepared for the mobile home before it arrives. It is possible for you to do this on your own, but any issues can significantly increase the installation cost of the mobile home. Preparation includes creating a level surface for the unit and ensuring the land is easily accessible for the large flatbeds. Elevated sites are best if possible to prevent issues with drainage around the home in the future. A concrete foundation is often the best foundation for mobile homes, but other foundations may be acceptable as well.

Once the site is ready, the mobile home can be removed from the truck and placed at the site. If the home needed to be split into two or more parts, these will need to be reconnected. The installation process can also vary based on the site conditions, but the home will basically be placed on the foundation on top of concrete blocks using a crane. After it has been put back together if needed and is properly situated on the foundation, the utilities can be connected. It is necessary to have the home inspected and certified as safe before the utilities can be turned on. Choosing a professional mobile home installer is always the right choice.

Types of
Mobile Homes

There are a few different types of mobile homes. Newer park models are often the easiest to move, as they can hook up to a truck like an RV. However, older models often need to be moved on flatbeds to ensure the home is not damaged during the move. Single-wide beds can also be transported on a flatbed, and they’re transported in one piece. Specialized equipment is still needed for the safety of the home and the homes will need to be disconnected and installed in the new location.

Double-wide mobile homes are twice the size of single-wides, so they must be cut into two pieces to be moved. We can do this, as well as reconnect them at the new location. However, because they do need to be moved in two pieces, they are often more expensive compared to single-wide mobile homes. Triple-wide mobile homes can also be moved but, like double-wides, they do need to be taken apart so they can fit on the truck and be moved. These are the most expensive type of mobile home to move and they do require expert assistance to ensure everything is done correctly.

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Demolition of Existing Mobile Homes

Another service that may be needed, depending on the situation, is the demolition of an existing mobile home. If the site where you want to place the mobile home already has a home, the existing home will need to be moved out of the way. If the home is older or in poor condition, it may be better to demolish it instead of moving it somewhere else. This can help keep costs down in some cases. The demolition is going to require special permits, which we can help you obtain. Then, one of our demolition contractors will need to oversee the process. Once the home is demolished, all of the resulting waste will need to be removed from the property.

​​The Bottom Line!

Mobile homes must be moved by a transportation company that has experience in moving these types of homes to ensure the move is done properly. There are ways to save money, such as doing the site prep on your own, but the disconnection, transport, and installation should be handled by an expert. If you have a mobile home that needs to be moved or you’re considering buying a mobile home and having it moved to your property, give us a call for a quote today. We can help you move the home quickly and safely.